EP Review: Parklands – Bedtime!

Parklands are an alternative rock band that was born in a shed in Wagga Wagga on Wiradjuri land. If that origin story wasn’t intriguing enough, the fact that their sound brings together Brit rock, ’70s American psych rock and Pink Floyd-esque prog might be enough to whet your appetite for their new EP Bedtime!

By Graeme Smith

Bedtime! is only four tracks long but gives us a wonderful introduction to the range of sounds that Parklands bring. It opens with Headrush, giving us an instant taste of lively dramatic indie rock. Confessional lyrics are delivered by charismatic vocals while looping instrumentals provide an emotional backdrop. It’s a strong start.

Cyanide is bold and anthemic with a compelling groove and stream of consciousness vocal delivery. Inaccurate Depiction opens brooding and atmospheric before hitting a slow, deliberate, hard-hitting stride. Warmer closes the EP with jangly and epic psych rock.

With the EP, Parklands have created a wonderful mix of classic and modern rock elements to the extent that they’re bound to finds fans of all ages. The music industry best not sleep on Parklands; they could easily take the rock world by storm. Don’t be surprised if they hit a festival stage near you soon.

Parklands are Charles Patterson on vocals and rhythm guitar, Tom Brereton on lead guitar and back vocals, Bailey Bowyer on drums and Charlie Hamilton on bass.

You can give Bedtime! a listen below.