EP Review: Daniella Binyamin – Abba – Acoustic Versions

Daniella Binyamin is a Stockholm, Sweden-based singer songwriter who has just released the acoustic version of her debut EP, Abba.

By Graeme Smith

Daniella is perhaps better known as a dance singer and songwriter. She had a number one hit in the USA appearing with Dillon Francis’s Don’t let me let go, and plenty of success in Europe besides. Yet, this new version of her EP sees her voice paired simply with the piano of Teodor Wolgers, the cello of Tove Törngren and the occasional highlight of trumpet. It’s an intimate way to get to know her world, both in terms of the stripped-back instrumentals but also her autobiographic storytelling lyrics.

The EP opens with Grand Hotel. Instantly mesmerising, Daniella’s lyrics paint a vivid picture while her voice is heartbreakingly expressive. The track perfectly captivates the mix of feelings that come with love-making, the euphoria as well as the trepidation, building to an explosive climax. It’s a wonderful start.

Out of Fuel is moody and dramatic, opening with low piano and fretful, tense strings. There’s a touch of Lana Del Rey about the vocal delivery and the poetic lyrics in it. Toothpaste Kisses is a melancholic moment with a bright, romantic undercurrent. Its lyrics paint a compelling picture of domestic bliss. Title track Abba closes the EP with pleading vocals and bittersweet lyrics. It builds nicely to a crescendo that will stick with you long after its last note is played.

This is, without a doubt, a stunning EP. The acoustic re-arrangements bring the emotion of its four tracks to the fore, and give plenty of space for the vocals to capture your heart. It’s clear to see why Daniella is making such a splash in the pop and dance world, but this alternative version of her debut shows just how much talent and range she has. This is an EP to which I will definitely be returning.

You can listen to Abba – Acoustics Versions below.