Album Review: CMON CMON – The Crack And The Light

CMON CMON are an alternative rock trio who are based in Brussels, Belgium. They’ve just come to my attention thanks to their debut album The Crack And The Light.

By Graeme Smith

CMON CMON’s success has surprised themselves. The trio formed the band in 2019 for a bit of fun but their sound resonated with college radio in the USA, and they were quickly picked up by Renaissance Records. It was enough to convince them to record and release the album they never thought their would.

The Crack And The Light is eleven tracks that are all based on true stories. Their darkness is tempered by hope, hence the album’s name. It starts with the echoing guitars Say What It Means. There’s a sense of melancholy about it, with pleading, soulful vocals on a bed of psych-folk-rock.

My Heroes explores the concept of fallen idols and letting yourself down through driving, urgent indie rock. The Summers We Missed is the album’s lead single and it’s easy to see why. It’s infused with bright nostalgia and vibrant storytelling that means it proves to be a highlight.

Black Holes is dreamy and punctuated with bluesy guitar licks. Sundays is soaring indie rock. Way Down sits at the heart of the album and brings a reflective opening that quickly melts away into a lively groove. It’s another highlight.

Waiting is jangly and pacy while Nothing On The Radio speaks of the dark side of love, inspired by watching people arguing in cars. Can You Take It? plods along with a gentle acoustic arrangement. I Don’t Know brims with bright optimism. New Orleans closes the album with expansive and atmospheric Americana-infused rock.

The Crack And The Light is a charming debut from a band who have a sound that is very easy to get into. The joy the trio get from performing music is evident in this collection. Fans of classic melodic rock like The Travelling Wilburys and R.E.M. will find a lot to love about it.

CMON CMON are singer, guitarist and songwriter Jorrit Hermans, bassist Steven Omblets and drummer Michel Becx. The Crack And The Light was recorded in Trypoul Studios in the Netherlands and Alex Newport’s Future Shock Studio in Los Angeles. Alex is also the producer. You can give it a listen below.