Video: Beech Love – Pieces

Beech Love is a singer, songwriter and producer based in San Francisco, USA. He began his music career at the tender age of nine, creating compositions as a DJ and producer before taking up the microphone a decade later. He’s just hit my radar thanks to his energetic new track and video Pieces.

By Graeme Smith

Pieces marks a broadening of Beech’s sound, with a move towards alternative rock. It opens with a fuzzy bass riff which is quickly joined by hand claps and Beech’s soulful and expressive vocals. A stripped-back first verse gives way to a high-octane pop rock chorus that’s rich with cathartic energy.

Now that he’s on my radar, I’ll be keeping a close eye out for further releases from Beech Love. He’s one of the most exciting acts I’ve discovered for awhile.

You can check out the video for Pieces below.

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