EP Review: STR^NGE – Let’s Leave the Greyhounds in the Slips

Containing an ex-member of The Mysterines, I just knew that STR^NGE would be ones to watch from the get go. After listening to their new EP, Let’s Leave the Greyhounds in the Slips, I can say for certain that I was right! It’s an awesome new indie rock album with some quirky differences. If you like what you read, a full stream can also be found at the end of this review.

By Jane Howkins

The EP opens in perfect style with title track, Let’s Leave the Greyhounds in the Slips. It’s a really interesting song – whilst it does have a lot of the elements you might typically expect from an indie rock tune, it’s a little different from the norm (in a good way!) The spiky guitars work really well with the beat and drums, creating an awesome rhythm section in the background. The song has a slightly eerie sound, which helps to create an awesome atmosphere alongside the passionate vocals.

Up next is Plane to Krakow, which is a proper stomp of a song. It’s immensely catchy from the start, opening with some killer riffs before the first verse kicks in. The piano is a really nice touch here, performed in a playful manner that suits the upbeat qualities of the tune well. The tempo is increased a little before the first chorus, which has a singalong quality you won’t be able to resist!

Poor Old Martin changes the style of music slightly, reminding me almost of old school ska/two-tone music. The piano is introduced once again, working well with the guitars and rhythm section to make something that will have you tapping your feet along in no time. I really liked the occasional backing vocals, which have a call and response sound when placed against the lead vocals. It’s a really well-crafted song, and one of my favourites here – this is a must listen.

Adam and Eve has a proper old school rock and roll sound, opening with a bouncy piano/guitar riff and some catchy ‘woah-oahs’. You can really hear the Beatles influence here, but don’t worry, as the song is still very much its own. The vocals are used in a really interesting way on the chorus, and the backing vocals sound like some kind of punk choir in the background.

Masquerade rounds the EP out nicely – it’s also my favourite song on Let’s Leave the Greyhounds in the Slips (which is high praise considering the high quality of all the tunes on offer here). The main chord sequence has a really haunting sound, played nicely by the keyboards, guitars and bass, pulsating along to the beat nicely. The track changes in the middle, stripping the song down in an unexpected way, turning into an almost spaghetti western piece of music at the end.

STR^NGE have created an indie record with a difference on Let’s Leave the Greyhounds in the Slips, and I absolutely guarantee that this band are going to be big soon. One of the best new acts I’ve heard in a long time.

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