EP Review: Taavi Daft – Enlightening

Taavi Daft is an intriguing new artist on the scene, creating gorgeous soundscapes that sound like nothing else on earth. I recently had the opportunity to check out his newly released two track EP, Enlightening, and I couldn’t help but love what I heard. It’s quite short, but that only left me wanting more – hopefully it will have the same effect on you too!

By Jane Howkins

The first thing you need to understand about Taavi’s music is that it’s very ambient at times. However, don’t let that put you off if you’re not normally into that style of music, as there really is a lot to love here. First track Surrender contains an immense array of synthy effects, all laid out together to create a piece of music that sounds simple at first. However, it contains many layers, creating something hauntingly beautiful to behold.

The other track on Enlightening is Coalescence, which has a similar sort of sound to Surrender. However, it’s different enough to stand out, starting out slowly as the beautiful music builds up over time. The keyboard notes ebb and flow away in the background, as slightly different motifs are introduced as the track progresses, creating something both uplifting and beautiful. This was my favourite of the two songs, but they both make for fantastic listening experiences.

Enlightening is the perfect title for this EP, as there really is something rather spiritual sounding about the entire thing. Taavi Daft has really produced something of wonder here.

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