EP Review: Hutchie – The Falcon Sessions

Hutchie are a Seattle, USA-based power pop band who have just hit my radar thanks to their new EP, The Falcon Sessions.

By Graeme Smith

Hutchie are Michelle Pannell on lead vocals and bass, Kyle Latham on backing vocals and guitar, and Doug Finley on drums. Though new to us, they’re well-known on their local scene, and released their debut album Some Other Way last year. The Falcon Sessions showcases a more rustic, country side to their sound across four tracks.

The EP opens with It Do, Don’t It? It’s the kind of track that instantly hits you. There’s a mix of rock and country right from the off, with rumbling bass, bold guitar riffs and lively percussion. Michelle’s vocals are wonderfully characterful, with a charming country drawl as they reflect on the oddities of humanity.

Queen of First Impressions is our second impression. It keeps things lively but with a rawer, punk rock feel about it. A quickfire chorus is a highlight. Misunderstand takes the tempo down, giving us a pensive and melancholic vibe that reflects its lyrical theme of lonesome drinking. It builds to a strong, cathartic finish. Hooked closes the EP with a gentle waltz. The vocals are wonderfully vulnerable in the first verse, telling a story that’s rich with heart-breaking detail before we reach an explosive country rock chorus.

Hutchie’s new EP is simply a joy to listen to. It’s short and sweet but has a lot of replay value – especially if you’re looking for a pick-me-up. The energy and charisma that seeps from each of its relatable tracks is infectious. I’m so glad to have discovered Hutchie, and I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for more of their music in future.

The Falcon Sessions was recorded at Falcon Studios in Portland, Oregon by Jesse Payne who also produced and engineered. You can check out the EP below.