EP Review: Alena Ciera – All In My Head

Alena Ciera is a Maryland, USA-based singer, guitarist and actor who has just come to my attention thanks to her exciting new EP. With a mission to make you dance, it’s called All In My Head.

By Graeme Smith

Though new to us, Alena has been performing music professionally since the tender age of fifteen. She’s inspired by the likes of Justin Beiber, Charlie Puth, Alicia Keys and Shawn Mendez, and fans of the electro pop sound will find a lot to love about what Alena has on offer. Yet, there’s something unique and distinctive about her too, meaning that All In My Head is a must listen.

The EP opens with its title track. A slow, emotional intro gives way to a laidback groove that will instantly get you moving. Alena’s vocals are beautifully compelling as she shares a lyrical story of introspection and romantic turmoil. The track makes clever use of rise and fall, with some inviting minimal interludes between its vibrant verses. It’s a great start.

Change Your Mind is a soaring pop rock number with some pleasing guitar licks and driving drums. Somebody To Love is heart-rendering. It opens slow but builds nicely to a passionate crescendo. What You Want gives some delicate electronic textures before developing into some organic pop. In Your Feelings closes the EP with an upbeat dance arrangement that lightens the anxiousness of its lyrics.

Many pop artists will go their careers searching for the perfect earworm track. On this EP, Alena has five of them. There’s an unstoppable groove in this collection which makes it impossible to not nod your head and move your shoulders listening to it. Alena Ciera could well be the world’s next favourite pop star based on the evidence of this EP.

All In My Head is out now and you can check it out below.