Video: Grace & Moji – Monster

Grace & Moji are a husband and wife duo based in Los Angeles, USA. They’ve just caught my attention thanks to the second single release from their upcoming debut EP. Coming complete with a lyric video, it’s called Monster.

By Graeme Smith

Monster is a nod to the darkness within us all, acknowledging that it is only there because of our light. Its resulting vibe is bittersweet. There’s a vibrancy to it, but also a languidness. It’ll make you dance, but also think, and Grace & Moji’s vocals work beautifully together.

Grace & Moji are artist and producer duo Grace Hong and Martin Wave. Though new to us, one half of the pair might be familiar. Grace has previously performed solo as Nolo Grace, who have featured on our pages before.

You can watch the lyric video for Monster below.

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