Album Review: Ravetank – Echoes From Feedback Mountain

Ravetank are two purveyors of noise pop who has just hit my radar thanks to their new album, live recorded at Old Road Tavern in Chippenham. It’s called Echoes From Feedback Mountain.

By Graeme Smith

Noise pop as a term is perhaps not expansive enough to cover everything that’s going on in Echoes From Feedback Mountain. With this album, Ravetank have channelled a diverse range of influences including jangle pop, The Wedding Present, Guided by Voices and ’80s hardcore. The result is an acquired taste, but a rewarding one for an open-minded listener. Its live recordings feature some overdubs to create a fuller sound and more fulfilling listening experience.

The album opens with Welcome To Feedback Mountain. A gentle, ambient opening lulls you into a false sense of security before the noise hits, first in fits and starts then into the fully-fledged psychedelia of Wabbit. Villa 838 has a bouncy, poppy feel about it. It’ll really get you moving before White Heron Dance seals the deal with punky surf rock. Going To @Bristol canters along with intensity before The Next Day lightens things up with some jangly indie pop.

I Have Left My Other Body In Outer Space is cosmic psych rock. Mid Life Crisis Paul McCartney is humorously-named and suitably upbeat. The Lack of Dancing At Joanna Gruesome Shows Makes Me Sad gives us a pause for breath with its gentle wistfulness.

Ted The Radical Westie is dreamy pop rock that develops into a wall of noise. Lois’ Magic Sweater is spacey and vibrant and builds to a big finish. With so many tracks on this album being less than two minutes long, album closer Burrito Babe comes in at a surprise six minutes. It takes us on a wonderous, heart rendering journey culminating in a hypnotic climax.

Echoes From Feedback Mountain is a breakneck record that has an infectious energy. The live recording gives it a sense of immediacy, and each track has a pleasing flow into the next. Ravetank’s sound certainly won’t be for everyone but there is a lot of joy to be had from it. You can give it a listen below.