Discovery: Slowfade Observatory

I always enjoy discovering new music for this blog and that goes double when the act is from York. That’s the case with Slowfade Observatory, a local collective who collaborate and create music with a diverse range of musicians. They have an album on the way and their new single Shelly gives us a taste of what to expect.

By Graeme Smith

Shelly is a smouldering indie rock number. It opens with acoustic guitar and mournful vocals before developing into something a little more electronic. It’s a wonderfully creative and textured track that stands out from the crowd. I am truly excited that there are creators like this here in York.

Slowfade Observatory are multi-instrumentalists and producers Bailey Thomas-Isaacs and Paddy Gilbert. They are influenced by the likes of Avalanches, Gorillaz, Flaming Lips and Richard Hawley. The recordings for Shelly took place during coronavirus lockdown and the guys had to wait a little bit before they were mixed and ready for release. Thankfully now they are and you can check out Shelly below.

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