EP Review: Hayden Calnin – A Turning Of The Tide: Side B

Hayden Calnin is a Melbourne, Australia-based indie folk singer, songwriter and producer. He’s just hit my radar thanks to his new EP, which explores themes of growth and navigating change. It’s the second side to its companion release, which came out in March, and is called A Turning of The Tide.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by Bri Horne

The EP’s journey begins at the start of 2022. At the time, Hayden was going through a break up and retreated to Rye Ocean Beach to write the record. Its six tracks reflect his emotional state while there, reflecting on what he’d lost and what he’d gained. Throughout its journey, we see the transformation that Hayden went through.

It opens with its title track. Gentle acoustic instrumentals set the early atmosphere. Hayden’s vocals are instantly compelling. Their smooth, melancholic quality is arresting. They tell an introspective tale of heartbreak and longing. Vocal harmonies come in, building the lushness of the track before it reaches a cathartic climax. It’s a powerful opening.

The Turn has a cinematic quality about it. Looping strings set the scene of this short, instrumental vignette that pours seamlessly into I Believe In Something More. There’s an intimate vulnerability to the track. Hayden’s vocals are isolated and expressive delivering emotional and relatable lyrics. As the track progresses, so does its sense of hopefulness, before finally it hits a crescendo that is a highlight.

We Lost Sight of the Shoreline brings the mood back down a little. There’s a sense of regret about its lyrics, but also a sense of acceptance. Rumbling bass gives it a rich feel. Bit Between sees Hayden’s vocals at their most soulful, paired with ghostly harmonies and stripped back instrumentals. A track that slowly builds over nearly six minutes, it finishes big. The EP closes with Good Things Will Come ‘Round. It’s a bright moment. Lyrically, it dwells on the moment of epiphany, and reflects on Hayden’s new outlook. It’s a joyful farewell, and another highlight.

A Turning of the Tide is such a captivating EP. Its six tracks take you on a journey that feels so much greater than the sum of its parts as you get lost in the emotional state that Hayden has so beautifully articulated. It’s a must listen for anyone going through a bit of heartbreak. It will show you that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. You can listen to the whole of the EP below.