New Music: Alexia Vegas – There’s No Way

Alexia Vegas is a New York, USA-based dream pop artist who has featured on our blog a few times before. I first discovered her for us in April this year thanks to her track Your Love Is Like a Slow Disease and was impressed by its mix of smoothness and edginess. Shares of First Kiss (Your Love) and Feel This Way followed. Now she’s back with a new one about lost love. It’s called There’s No Way.

By Graeme Smith

There’s No Way is a moody track with an urgent, pulsating electronic arrangement. The heartbreak it conveys is immediately clear, soulfully delivered through Alexia’s melancholic vocals. The lyrics hit hard too, especially during a soaring, standout chorus.

Alexia’s music has been picked up across American TV and streaming services, and has featured on programmes on Apple TV, Netflix and CBS. She certainly deserves all the attention she’s getting. You can check out There’s No Way below.

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