Discovery: Jidé Kuti

Jidé Kuti is a London-based acoustic singer songwriter who has just hit my radar thanks to his emotional and stripped back new track, Faltering / Neverland.

By Graeme Smith

Faltering / Neverland is a song that has been six years in the making. Jidé was initially inspired to write the song by the film The Fault in Our Stars and there’s certainly a sense of romance about it. Pop culture references in the lyrics include Taylor Swift, Barbie Mariposa and Peter Pan.

It’s a track that combines the magical and the everyday and there’s a feeling of vulnerability in it. The acoustic arrangement has a surprising amount of texture and depth but the star of the show is certainly Jidé’s expressive vocals. It’s impossible not fall in love a little bit while listening.

You can check out Faltering / Neverland below.

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