EP Review: Kimberly Morgan York – Devil Songs and Other Such Nonsense

Kimberly Morgan York is an Athens, Georgia, USA-based country artist who has just hit my radar thanks to the release of her latest EP. Bringing forth her Appalachian Kentucky roots, It’s a collection that came about almost by accident. It’s called Devil Songs and Other Such Nonsense.

Kimberly was once married to one of the members of the Drive-by Truckers, Brad Morgan. She has been a musician since the age of sixteen, when she started writing and playing guitar. A nomadic youth based in New York, California and Colorado eventually led her to Athens, where she settled down with her now husband Kevin and their three daughters.

Her new EP gives us four tracks infused with folklore and superstition, as well as stories a little more of this world. It begins with Kimberly’s take on Terri Gibbs’ Somebody’s Knocking. It’s a cantering start with wandering organ and a country rock swagger. Kimberly’s charismatic vocals are clearly the star of the show. They will have you utterly seduced.

The Devil’s in Durango slows things down a little bit with folksy and acoustic instrumentals and Kimberly’s soaring, characterful vocals. The Devil Works All Year Long livens things back up again with a bouncing and classic arrangement before Other Such Nonsense rounds off the EP with a track that’s full of storytelling detail. It’s equally world-weary and empowering, and the perfect way to end this collection.

Kimberly Morgan York writes and performs music that should instantly find itself in the great American country songbook. Her talent is clear and her performing style oozes a natural charisma. If you’re a fan of country music then you absolutely need to give her new EP a listen. If you’re not, then it’s the best way to become a fan! You can check out Devil Songs and Other Such Nonsense below.