Discovery: MAPEL

MAPEL are a London-based duo who are just setting out on their music career, and have hit our radar thanks to their new single, ten years in the making. All about the good times, it’s called The Bull.

By Graeme Smith

Fursey Rossi, who plays guitar, bass, sings and does production, and Felix Lindsell, who plays keys, sings, and does the writing, met each other at school and have been playing together for ten years. Yet, it’s only recently that they’ve decided to try and take their music in a professional direction. Inspired by the likes of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Tame Impala and John Mayer, the result is The Bull.

An upbeat track, we’re hit with an instant groove in The Bull. There’s substance about the track, with descriptive, poetic lyrics and smooth and heartfelt vocals. It perfectly combines brightness and darkness for some wonderful contrast, and its catchy chorus is definitely a highlight.

MAPEL might just be starting out but I think they have nothing to fear if they keep putting out tracks like The Bull. You can give it a listen below.

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