New Music: Bloodtooth – Sirens (Living Dead Girl)

London-based punk rock act Bloodtooth, led by vocalist, bassist and songwriter Emily ‘wolf’ O, have featured once before on this blog, but it was way back in December last year. I’m so glad to have them back on these pages, this time thanks to their spooky new single, perfect for Halloween. It’s called Sirens (Living Dead Girl).

By Graeme Smith

Sirens was inspired by ghoulish characters by @Sacredcows and Sam Raimi. It’s rock that doesn’t take itself too seriously, rich with humorous storytelling told against a backdrop of raw yet dreamy rock. It’s all so beautifully chaotic, and a complete departure from much else out there. Bloodtooth has to be one of the most unique acts I’ve covered and I love that about them.

The track is the third single of Bloodtooth’s upcoming album Do It For the kid’s. You can give it a listen below.

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