Discovery: Irina Imme

Irina Imme is a real talent, having mastered a multitude of different genres during her career within the music industry. The independent multi-instrumentalist has written over 300 original songs to date, showing just how talented she is!

By Jane Howkins

New track Globe is taken from Irina’s third EP Blue Forever, opening the EP up in a lovely fashion. It’s probably best described as an indie-pop song, although there are also elements of dream-pop and alt-rock, making for a really cool sounding tune. The verses are fairly mellow, allowing Irina’s sultry vocals to really shine through. However, the chorus explodes with noise, as the discordant guitar chords provide a lovely backbone to her voice. The dynamics are used really well here, showing great promise for Irina’s future within the music industry.

Blue Forever also features five other tantalising tunes – check out the entire EP below: