EP Review: Tiposch – West South West

Tiposch is a breath of fresh air in a world where music has become largely generic, sticking with conventional standards. It’s actually rather hard to characterise his music in terms of genre, as it’s rather experimental sounding at times. However, I could definitely hear the 80s influence, mixing with a modern twist. If you like your music on the diverse side of things, then West South West is for you!

By Jane Howkins

There are three tracks on West South West, keeping things short yet sweet. Opener TAKE ME TO THE BEACH opens with a flowing piano melody that continues throughout the track, as some recorded spoken vocals appear to introduce the listener to both the song and the record. Tiposch’s lush vocals come in afterwards, resonating through the track in a dreamy way. I’m not normally a massive fan of autotune, but the vocal effects are fab here! TAKE ME TO THE BEACH works as a fabulous into to the rest of West South West.

Not even there takes things in a very different direction, opening with an addictive guitar melody that sounds like it could almost belong in a western film. The beat is fast too, following the bassline and main riff perfectly. However, I wouldn’t describe it as a country song, as the drums add a disco vibe to the tune, making for something you won’t be able to resist tapping your feet along to! The vocals take the same path as the rest of the instrumentation, creating a singalong quality on the chorus.

West South West closes this fabulous EP – it’s also the longest song of the three on offer here. It’s clear that Tiposch is an amazing songwriter, as the chord sequence chosen here is infectious. West South West will get inside your head straight away, having you humming along for hours! The vocal effects are dissipated on this tune, allowing the vocals to really shine through on their own – and shine they do! This is possibly my favourite song on the record!

I cannot wait to hear more from Tiposch in the near future – West South West is an inventive EP, full of colour, life and thought-provoking melodies. It’s a welcome breath of fresh air in today’s music industry!

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