EP Review: Kid Apollo – Imposter

Derry, Ireland-based artist Kid Apollo, real name Rory Mullan, has become something of a regular feature on this blog since we first discovered him in January 2022. Yet, this is our first chance to review one of his collections. His new EP focuses on the theme of frustrating imposter syndrome. It’s called Imposter.

By Graeme Smith

Kid Apollo goes all in with his authentic brand of relatable pop rock with his new EP. It’s five tracks dedicated to those of us who sometimes feel like we’re not good enough (let’s be honest, that’s all of us), and showcases the range of sounds that he’s capable of.

The EP opens with its title track. It’s a slow-buring, introspective opening. Isolated vocals are paired with low-key synths in its first verse before things begin to gradually build. By its second verse, we hit a bright yet melancholic groove. Throughout, the lyrics stay confessional and emotionally striking. It’s a great start.

Long Time Coming livens things up without losing any of the emotional impact. It’s a track that I’ve featured before and it works perfectly in this collection as a catchy pop focal point. Melancholy Operator is a dreamy yet swaggering moment where Rory’s vocals are captivatingly poetic. It’s a highlight.

Like An Old Dog, which was co-written by and features Arn., is an atmospheric, synth-laden dark pop track with an irresistable melody. Lady Aurora rounds off the EP with a delicate, acoustic farewell. Its lyrics are beautifully rich with narrative and imagery. As the track progresses, it builds to a hopeful crescendo. It’s another highlight.

Kid Apollo is an artist that continues to impress with his unique and authentic brand of music. If you’re looking for pop that’s distinctive from the bland mainstream, without becoming unapproachable, then you need look no further.

Imposter was recorded and produced in Rory’s makeshift bedroom studio and then mastered by Philip Marsden of Marsden Mastering. You can give the EP a listen below.