EP Review: Noak Hellsing – YESTERYEAR

Noak Hellsing is a young pop artist from Stockholm, Sweden who has just caught my attention thanks to his debut EP. A showcase of what he’s capable of, his new six-track collection is an exciting prospect. It’s called YESTERYEAR.

By Graeme Smith

Making his debut as a fifteen year old, Noak is still young but has had plenty of time to grow his sound. This debut EP is the culmination of his early career, giving us six tracks that show the range he has to offer. He’s already making his mark in Sweden, and it feels like the right time for the rest of the world to sit up and take notice too.

YESTERYEAR opens with Get Real. It’s a groovy yet introspective start. The laidback quality of Noak’s vocals are instantly arresting, seductive with their authentic sense of emotion. The track builds to a soaring and catchy chorus that feels like pop perfection. It truly is a brilliant way to begin.

Die Without Letting You Know takes things in an intimate and acoustic direction. Noah’s vocals take on a dreamy quality, delivering some vulnerable folk pop. When The Shadows Go Home brings with it funk and soul. It’s cantering tempo will get you moving while its sweeping chorus will have you feeling. It’s a highlight.

Break My Heart gives us Noak’s sound at its rawest, led by delicate keys supporting isolated vocals. When You Think Of Me is a sultry and simmering moment before Enemy closes the EP with a powerfully soulful meditation on lost love. It perfectly rounds off the wistful heartbreak that runs right through the EP. It’s another highlight.

Noak has the voice, song writing and sensibilities that will serve him well in the world of modern pop. He’s definitely one to keep an eyes on.

You can give YESTERYEAR a listen below.