New Music: Wotts – ALLO!

Ottawa, Canada-based indie pop duo Wotts have been all over this blog since they first hit our radar as part of Jane’s Made In Canada round up last year. Their latest track introduces their upcoming EP PETALS and is all about falling in love. It’s called ALLO!

By Graeme Smith

Their latest sees Wotts moving out of the comfort zone. Inspired by the bands Pond and Djo, the pair have swirled the retro and modern together to create ALLO! The result a familiar yet fresh track that has a wonderfully dreamy groove. What hasn’t changed are the beautifully compelling vocals and undeniable sense of cool.

Wotts are bassist and guitarist Ricky 100 and vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jayem, who also did the production for ALLO! You can give the single a listen below.

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