Discovery: Lauren Glick

Lauren Glick is an accomplished singer-songwriter from Maryland, creating gorgeous songs with a retro quality. She’s also a graduate of Berklee School of Music and holds a B.A. in Film Scoring, showing just how talented she is! Check out her new release, Set Me Free, here!

By Jane Howkins

Set Me Free mixes a few genres together, having elements of soul, folk, the blues, pop and old school rock and roll, making for an awesomely unique sound. For the most part, the beat is fairly upbeat, keeping your toes tapping along until its satisfying conclusion. The guitars are epic here – they provide a nice rhythm alongside the drums and bass, but the solo towards the end really sets this song on fire. And we can’t forget Lauren’s amazing vocals, which run in a strong fashion throughout the track, singing with ease. If that sounds good, you need to listen to Set Me Free!