Interview: Grace & Moji

We’ve featured indie-folk duo Grace & Moji a few times recently, so after discovering their gorgeous new tune Tipping Point, I decided it was high time to carry out an interview. Tipping Point is a really gorgeous tune, having a stripped-down folk sound with an evocative quality. Find out more about Grace & Moji below!

By Jane Howkins

We recently reviewed your track Tipping Point. What can you tell us about the song?

Tipping Point is a song that was born in a desperate situation in our marriage. We weren’t sure if things were going to work out and we were both in a very difficult emotional state. This song was a great way to slowly start processing how we were feeling, which would eventually allow us to move past this phase of our relationship and connect on a deeper level.

How has the reception to Tipping Point been so far, and where can the song be purchased?

It’s been great! The chorus of Tipping Point is probably very relatable for a lot of people and maybe that helps. We’re very grateful for all the amazing feedback we’ve gotten. Where the song can be bought, that’s a good question these days, haha! We haven’t released it on any physical medium as of yet, so iTunes might be your best bet. We definitely want to release our upcoming EP on vinyl however.

Do you plan to release any more singles in the near future?

Oh yes, many! We are constantly making new music. We just released a song called Sad Times along with a music video, and we actually have a Christmas song that we made that we will put out. Outside of that we are working on a ton of music and we’re super excited about it!

Are there any plans to release a full length album or EP anytime soon?

In January we’re dropping our first EP which includes most singles plus a new focus track. We’re also working on a series of covers and a full length album!

You’re a husband and wife duo. What is the writing and recording process like for you? How does everything work?

It’s a really fun and interesting process. All our songs are inspired by real life and our growth as people, so there’s always music to make and concepts coming to us. Usually it starts with me (Moji) having some kind of guitar idea recorded on some old voice note. Then we pair it with whatever concept we currently are thinking about, and we go into the studio. The next step often involves Grace outputting almost a full page of lyric ideas while the basic guitar track is looping in the background. She just writes whatever comes to mind. And then she shares it with me, and I can immediately pick out lyrics that I feel have an energy to them, and the melodies just come. Often it’s combining different lyrics and making them fit within some kind of melodic structure.

Tipping Point is quite a folky track. What would you say are your biggest musical influences? What have you been listening to recently?

I would say that our influences have more to do with older music more than anything that is very current. We both listened to a lot of indie music from the 2000s-2010s and that definitely has made its mark. Bands/artists like Flaming Lips, Death Cab, The Shins, but also 60s and 70s music like The Beach Boys and Fleetwood Mac. And then it gets blended with whatever else we feel like making on the spot. We don’t really have any rules for the music and each song is quite different yet still fits into the same project, somehow.

You’re based in LA. What is the local music scene like at the moment?

As far as I can tell, bands have made it back big time these past few years, which is awesome. I can also sense a connection between some bands and the current revolution that is happening with regards to psychedelics, spirituality and personal transformation outside of just mental health. It’s awesome.

Do you have anything else exciting coming up this year?

A little Christmas song dropping next and potentially a little showcase gig, but other than that we’ve been working so hard so I’m looking forward to getting back in the studio and also traveling to Sweden to visit family over the holidays. So nothing major on this side of the year, but the EP is dropping in January!

Do you have any tour dates lined up for the UK?

Not yet! We actually just played our very first show with this project so we’re not there yet, but in the future we’d love to come over and play!

Any last words for the fans?

We’re only just getting started! There’s so much more to come and we’re extremely excited about our new music, performing and building our presence in the world! Your feedback and streams mean the world so we hope people want to come with us on this journey.