Discovery: Belz

Belz is a New York City, USA-based artist who has just caught my attention thanks to her new, lively pop track. It’s called Love and Gucci Gloves.

By Graeme Smith

Belz’s latest brings together elements of pop, disco, funk and RnB to create a wonderfully vibrant track. It opens stripped-back, giving plenty of space to its storytelling lyrics, before we get a bouncy and anthemic chorus where Belz leaves all her vulnerabilities out there. The overall result is something that’s utterly infectious.

Having been writing music since the age of ten, it’s clear that Belz has put plenty of thought and effort into perfecting her sound. The result is impressive.

Love and Gucci Gloves is performed by Belz on vocals, piano and guitar. It was recorded in Boston, USA with producer Mike Midura. You can give it a listen below.

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