New Music: Livi Jacobs – Better That Way

Punta Gorda, USA-based singer songwriter Livi Jacobs has featured once before on this blog. Over the summer, I shared her heart-breaking track Keep Quiet. Now she’s back with a new one, EDM-infused one. It’s called Better That Way.

By Graeme Smith

Livi is originally from Vienna, Austria but now lives in the small Florida town of Punta Gorda. Her career means she spends a lot of time in Nashville and Los Angeles, learning from the best. Her latest single sees her experimenting with a new sound, quite distinct from the folk that introduced her to us.

Better That Way is an unashamed pop number, rich with distorted vocals, pleasing bass beats and a striking melody. It tells the story of the abrupt end of a “situationship,” and is suitably emotional, especially Livi’s expressive vocals. It shows us just what a range she has, even over the two tracks of hers we’ve shared so far. There will no doubt be more music of hers featuring on these pages.

You can give Better That Way a listen below.

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