Album Review: Tashi Delay – Tashi Delay

Tashi Delay is the musical project of Emily Seabroke. Born here in the UK, she’s now based in New Orleans, USA, and has come to my attention thanks to her debut, self-titled album.

By Graeme Smith

The world is an increasingly frustrating place in which to live. The smartphones in our hands means we’re always connected, apps mean dating isn’t what is once was, and our politicians seem to be taking their steer from the wrong people. It’s this frustration that Emily pours into her debut, channelling rule-breakers before her like Bjork, PJ Harvey, Mclusky, Fugazi and Joy Division.

The album opens with the staccato electronica of Meltdown. The track grows severely, mixing drum and bass with hard rock in an innovative way. Emily warm vocals cut through the industrial coldness of the instrumentals to great effect. It’s a strong opener that instantly shows us what Tashi Delay is all about, and sets the project apart from contemporaries.

Henry Kumera brightens things with its lively dance beat, percussive rhythms, groovy bass and psychedelic overtones. Butter slows things down but keeps them groovy. Deception is light and jumpy but has a biting depth to its lyrics, calling out all the political misdirection and loss of direction over the past few years. It’s a highlight.

Lazaretto plods along pleasingly with a bass heavy intro before airy vocals and jazzy keys provide some lovely textures. Cerebration is slow and brooding trip hop. A chorus of combating vocals gives it a hypnotising, unsettling quality. Blue starts captivatingly delicate before developing into a something that is equal parts folktronica and rock. It’s another highlight.

Umbra goes full freak-out with a driving drumbeat, looping, jangly guitar and chanting vocals before Fu closes the album with some pulsating psych rock. Its blend of light and dark gives it a rich and complex feel but cutting through it all is its humanity and sense of rebellion. It’s a final highlight.

You can give Tashi Delay a listen below.