New Music: La Biche – Éther

French nouvelle vague artist La Biche has featured once before on this blog. She first came to my attention in June this year thanks to her track and video Combien. Now she’s back with another, a poetic dream pop number called Éther.

By Graeme Smith

Éther opens suitably ethereal, with barely there electronic instrumentals. When the vocals come in, they are whispered and somewhere between spoken and sung. The result is something utterly mesmerising, especially during a lush chorus where a bass groove enters. The lyrics are in French, but the emotion breaks through any language barriers.

There’s really no-one out there doing what La Biche is doing and I’m continually excited about her new music. If you’re looking for something fresh and interesting to listen to today, then look no further than Éther. You can give it a listen below.

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