Album Review: SWiiMS – Into The Blue Night

SWiiMS are a Toronto, Canada-based rock trio who have just caught my attention thanks to the release of their first full-length album. All about the complexities of relationships and new beginnings, it’s called Into The Blue Night.

By Graeme Smith

The album opens with In Puzzles. It’s a dreamy and contemplative start, with ambient noise and waves of electronica that eventually give way to a rousing pop rock arrangement. The emotion is turned right up as the track’s soul-searching story unfolds. It builds to a big finish and provides the perfect tease of what’s to come.

Fade Days opens with an echoing guitar riff before gentle percussion and plodding bass join in to create a sense of blissful wistfulness. Staring at the Sun is a brighter moment with some jangly Britpop sensibilities. Given To Me keeps things cantering along while introducing a hint of melancholy. A Million Stars is suitably ethereal, creating a cosmic canvas on which its earthly story is painted. Chemical then provides an introspective moment where the vocals are particularly compelling.

All I Die For is the album’s lead single and it’s easy to see why. Its bittersweet breeziness makes it instantly engaging, and it beautifully encapsulates the themes of the album. Bright notes in the chorus provide a tantalizing sense of texture against its backdrop of lush, hazy indie rock. It’s a highlight.

Thru The Trees bounces along with an undercurrent of reluctant hope and adventure. Bliss keeps the sentiment going, while reintroducing some Britpop richness. Closer brings with it a quieter moment before Limbs gives us some driving indie rock. Diving In rounds off the album with a sense of new beginnings tainted with self-doubt. Its climatic conclusion makes it the perfect finish.

SWiiMS are guitarist Colin Thompson, singer and guitarist Mai Diaz Langou, and bassist Cian O’Ruanaidh. You can give Into The Blue Night a listen below.