New Music: Taydem Shoesmith – This, That

Taydem Shoesmith is an American actor and singer who has appeared once before on this blog. At the beginning of this year, she hit my radar with her anger-driven outpouring of a track Are You Clapping? Now she’s back with a new one that claps back against superficiality. It’s called This, That.

By Graeme Smith

This, That is a self-penned jazz single that brings together Taydem’s unique perspective and a commentary on our society. It opens with long, contemplative brass notes before settling into an introspective groove. The expressive vocals are certainly the star of the show, delivering the track’s message with an irresistible charisma. This foray into jazz shows just how versatile Taydem is as an artist and creative.

The track is produced by Caleb Ostermann at ForteStudios and is out via MTS Records. You can give it a listen below.

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