New Music: Tarn PK – Papier-Mâché

New Zealand-based pop artist Tarn PK has made a few appearances on this blog now, going back to the start of 2022. His latest sees him slowing things down a bit with an experimental track that reflects on growing up and taking on the world. It’s called Papier-Mâché.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by Charlotte Bruin

There’s something instantly distinctive about Papier-Mâché and it’s great to see Tarn continue to push musical boundaries with his music. It’s a track that remains accessible and relatable though and I could definitely feel his lyrics about being young and trying to make sense of things. There are fewer thoughtful songwriters than Tarn and his fresh sound never fails to excite.

Papier-Mâché is a great addition to Tarn’s discography, which already includes three EPs – Fantasy, Monarch and SugarCoated (which I reviewed last year). You can check out his new single below.

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