Aesthetica Short Film Festival Round-up

The BAFTA-accredited Aesthetica Short Film Film Festival (ASFF) has just completed its 4th run since it started in 2011. Every year ASFF takes place all over York in several venues, ranging from modern ones such as City Screen and 1331 to historical ones such as the beautiful King’s Manor. The films shown were original, thought provoking, unique, diverse, depressing and hilarious works of artistic achievement.

By Callum Morrison



Despite it being a cold week both film-makers and film fans alike braved the weather to try and squeeze in as many viewings and master classes as possible. There was a great sense of community throughout, and the shared experience over popcorn and a projectors is just one of the many things that makes film great.


A personal favourite, as well as the winner of the People’s Choice Award, was Kathryn MacCorgarry Gray’s ‘The Wolf, The Ship and The Little Green Bag’ – a documentary about three  older women women reflecting upon their youth. The piece was tied with animation to give it a unique style and feel, and this along with the charm of the three ladies made it a truly wonderful piece.


Here are just a few of the other wonderful films that were on show…

Trailer for The Wolf, The Ship and The Little Green Bag

Kathryn MacCorgarry Gray

Chaos (UK)


‘Gli Zii’ (‘The Uncles’) was an Italian comedy by Gerard Monaco about two uncles trying to protect their young niece from the advances of would-be suitors. It bridged the language barrier by having no dialogue, instead relying on the facial acting and slapstick style of the two main characters.

‘Help Point’ by Andrew Margetson was a comedy about being lost in an airport parking lot. ‘Eine Gute Geschichte‘ (‘A Good Story’) was a film by Martin-Christopher Bode that revolves around the importance of stories, and the fact that not everything can be bought for money. ‘Great’, another German film, by Andreas Henn is based on a true story about WW2, Nazi’s, film, sabotage and Charlie Chaplin.

Trailer for Coda

Alan Holly & And Maps And Plans studio.



With no shortage of great films to watch, a final recommendation, winner of the animation category and best in show, is Alan Holly’s ‘Coda’. This animation comes from Dublin-based studio And Maps And Plans, and has stunning visuals, enchanting art and a compelling story about what happens after we die.


It was an awe-inspiring piece that was the discussion of many conversations at ASFF, and deservedly so; its bewitching style could be only achieved through the medium of animation. Speaking with Alan at the closing ceremony and hearing the story of the making of Coda was inspirational. His humility after winning two awards, as well as being recently short-listed for an Oscar, was lovely to see.

ASFF  was undoubtedly a huge success. The intertwining of contemporary short films and the historic heritage ofYorkmade for a captivating weekend, and is something that really strengthensYork’s bid to become a UNESCO city of media arts.

Next year’s festival is an absolute must to put into your social calendar.


The Aesthetica Short Film Fesival took place in various venues around York between 6 November and 9 November 2014.