Blind Eye at Fibbers

Having recently reopened as a bigger, newly-renovated venue, Fibbers played host to local three-piece Blind Eye on Friday 7 November. Supporting Lost Trends’ EP launch, the alternative rock trio once again graced the stage with an energetic and electric set.

By Charlotte Puckering

Photos by Dave O’Hara 


Providing a variety of classic rock anthems and original material, Blind Eye’s performance was not to be missed. Guitarist Marcin Ellingham provided the audience with raw Hendrix-like riffs, and vocalist Harley Daniel gave the band a somewhat Arctic Monkeys-eque vibe with his broad, Yorkshirevocals – a style that gave their cover of The Beatles’Come Together an excellent indie-rock twist.
The band started their set by performing Stevie Wonder’s Superstition, which got audience up on their feet. Front man Daniel’s lively audience interaction spurred them on further.

Blind Eye weren’t there to simply perform a few covers, however. They stormed out a number of original pieces of progressive indie-rock. One of their stand out original tracks was Set Me Free, a song that was an immediate crowd pleaser – not only from Joey Leyland’s drum style (which certainly gave the crowd something to bang their heads to) but his ambient backing vocals harmonizing with Daniel’s.

The dynamic trio brought their show to a close with another original piece, the slower paced And I, a song which gave Daniel a chance to fully use his impressively strong and melodic vocal range.
Overall, Blind Eye threw their efforts into putting on an energetic and stupendous show, and it most certainly paid off. With their mix of slower-paced, blues songs and lively indie-rock, the crowd were spoiled for choice, and I’m sure that I’m not alone in hoping they will return to one ofYork’s most renowned music venues soon.

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Joey Leyland

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Marcin Ellingham

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Harley Daniels


Blind Eye played with Lost Trends at Fibbers on Friday 7 November 2014.