Martin House Charity Gig

On Saturday 17 October at The Rook & Gaskill from 3pm until 11pm, York musician Vinnie Whitehead will host an all-day acoustic charity fundraiser for Martin House Childrens Hospice. 

The event will feature 16 of York’s up and coming acoustic artists who regularly perform at Vinnie’s open mics & gigs around York. Money will be raised through donations from the audience and bar. Rook & Gaskill landlord Paul Marshall decided to run the event with Vinnie, who hosts a monthly “Live in Session” gig at the pub on the last Wednesday of every month, as Paul is running the York marathon on Sunday 11th October where he’ll also be raising funds for Martin House.

This will be a great event to add to the proceeds. As well as a great day of live music, there will be a selection of cask ales available and guest brewery ales from a local brewery offered at the regular bar and outdoor beer garden bar under shelter and heated on the terrace beer garden. They’ll also be a BBQ and food available through the day.

The full line-up:


3:00pm – 3:25pm – James F. Carter

3:30pm – 3:55pm – Nathan McWhinnie

4:00pm – 4:25pm – Debra Simpson

4:30pm – 4:55pm – Don Muldownie

5:00pm – 5:25pm – Paul Lewis

5:30pm – 5:55pm – Harrison Rimmer

6:00pm – 6:25pm – Isaac Lister

6:30pm – 6:55pm – Lucy Corney

7:00pm – 7:25pm – David Breslin

7:30pm – 7:55pm – Claire King

8:00pm – 8:25pm – Casee Wilson

8:30pm – 8:55pm – Watershed Sam

9:00pm – 9:25pm – Vinnie Whitehead

9:30pm – 9:55pm – Gobbledigook

10:00pm – 10:25pm – BingersUK

10:30pm – 10:55pm – Randall Munroe


For more information contact Vinnie Whitehead or Paul Marshall.


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Vinnie Whitehead – photo by Ruth Hunter

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Watershed Sam – photo by John Illingworth

Martin’s House Charity Gig at The Rook & Gaskill on Saturday 17th October, 3.00 pm