The Ordinary Boys

Punk Britpop band The Ordinary Boys are finally back to business after a infinitely long nine-year hiatus. They’ve got a brand new LP, which was just released last month, and are on tour, including a visit to The Duchess on Sunday 15 November. To celebrate their return, we caught up with frontman Preston to discuss his time away from the band, songwriting and favourite gigs.
By Jane Howkins


You split up for a few years before getting back together again. What’s it like to be back playing shows?

It feels so good. I think when you are in a busy band and it is your career, it is hard to see the wood from the trees sometimes. Having a busy life and careers beyond the band, we can now enjoy touring as a holiday with our best friends. Some of us are even taking this as our actual annual holiday leave. So it’s not only a metaphorical holiday but an actual one.

Do you have a favourite gig you’ve played?

We played supporting Weezer in a 40,000 seater baseball stadium in Japan. That!


You’re playing in York on 15 November. Do you like playing up here?

I remember having one of the best gigs when we were just starting out in the Fibbers in York. It’s nice to be in such a historic part of the world too.

What would you say your favourite places to play are, and what areas do you enjoy seeing on tour?

I love spending time in Scotland. And we are playing some of my favourite venues in Scotland on this tour. We played our first home town show in Brighton last week and that was pretty special.

The new self-titled album features a slightly heavier and more punk based sound to it. Is that something you’ve wanted to do for a while or did it just happen while you were songwriting?

It’s funny because we set out to try to recreate the style of our first album but inadvertently made a record that sounds like the music that we were making before that, when we were teenagers. That is probably because we couldn’t help regressing massively when we got the old crew back together!

It’s probably a long way off yet, but do you think you’d like to continue down that road when writing in the future?

Yes absolutely. I love bands like Basement and Neck Deep. And American stuff like Pity Sex and Nothing. Maybe when you get a bit older you fall back on the nostalgia of the music of your childhood. And we were all pop punk and hardcore kids.




Who would you say your main influences as a band are?

Morrissey. And lots of American punk. Bad Brains were always our favourites. And a band called Lifetime from New Jersey.


During the bands split you’ve been quite busy songwriting for other artists. How different do you find it writing for yourself and writing for others?

It is so different. It’s brill to have both outlets. The Ordinary Boys stuff is much more written from instinct whereas the pop stuff I write is more of a craft I suppose.


Do you prefer writing for yourself and The Ordinary Boys, or for other people? We imagine it might be quite fun being able to write different styles of songs for different artists.

I love to have both. They are both so different. Yeah it is so fun to not know what sort of music I am going to write when I wake up in the morning. I think that that is why the new album is more straight ahead punk. Just because it’s such a treat to me to write and perform.


Are there any bands or artists you would recommend our readers check out at the moment?

The new Petal album is really good. And a guy called Tony Molina who writes these 1 minute long Weezer-esque pop songs is a van favourite.


Why do you think people should come and see you play?

Just to have a really nice time and jump around with some like minded people and forget about real life for an hour and a bit.


Any last words for the fans?

Thanks for sticking with us!


The Ordinary Boys are playing at The Duchess on Sunday 15 November 2015, 7.30pm