The Ordinary Boys at The Duchess

On Sunday, Brighton based band The Ordinary Boys played a small show at The Duchess in York. Whilst attendance to the gig was relatively slim, the dedicated fans (known as The Ordinary Army) more than made up for it with their passion and enthusiasm for the band. Support came from York locals The Goodnight Ladies and The Black Lagoons

By Jane Howkins


Before The Ordinary Boys took to the stage, there was time for two support acts sourced locally from the York area – The Goodnight Ladies and The Black Lagoons. Up first were The Goodnight Ladies, a rock ‘n’ roll three piece, and a band that York Calling have previously reviewed live. They played a great set, with their music being a chaotic mixture of modern rock ‘n’ roll, garage rock, and some more stylistic experimental influences.

Next up were The Black Lagoons, another local band made up of two brothers and two cousins. Their music was a mixture of indie and alternative rock, with an Arctic Monkeys vibe to them. In the last year, they’ve had quite a lot of interest – both locally (they’ve been chosen to support quite a few more well-known bands in the area), and nationally (with a track played on BBC Introducing). Considering all this, and the fact that all of the bands members are still under the age of eighteen, they will definitely be one to watch for the future.

Finally, it was time for The Ordinary Boys to take the stage, with mass cheers from the crowd spurring them on. Interestingly the band decided to undertake this tour without having any days off between gigs, so it was slightly surprising to see that they still managed to perform so well (but this was a very welcome surprise). Tracks from all their albums were featured, however their latest self-titled album was represented well alongside their first (and perhaps most loved) album Over The Counter Culture. Fan favourites included Over the Counter Culture, Seaside, Life Will Be The Death Of Me, Boys Will Be Boys, and b-side (Little) Bubble (which new guitarist Louis Jones claimed to be his favourite song by the band).


Frontman Preston has recently done the interview rounds, claiming that the band members all have day jobs and that he decided to get the band together purely for fun. Some critics disputed this, however the spirit the band showed (despite performing to such a small crowd) and the laughs and looks passed between band members showed that they really were enjoying themselves. The reformation of the band has been very much a labour of love. The only criticism to be had is that the band performed for just shy of an hour which seemed a little short for a headline slot. However, they very much showed tonight that they still have what it takes and are serious about keeping The Ordinary Boys going.


The Goodnight Ladies, The Black Lagoons and The Ordinary Boys played at The Duchess on Sunday 15 November 2015