The Kooks

On Wednesday, The Kooks took to York Barbican to perform some of their classics and a few newbies. The nostalgia felt at those well-known tunes was undeniable

and there were definitely some catchy, dance-inducing numbers. But have the talented band still got ‘it’?

With plenty of energy and lots of lighting and sound effects, it was surprising that The Kooks’ performance at the York Barbican didn’t fully live up to expectations, especially considering the success the band has had over the years. They did command the stage with their presence and sing both well-known and new hits unfortunately, after about five songs, a bit of repetitiveness set in which sadly made the performance a bit dull at times.

The lighting and the background visuals where quite impressive, but could have been used a bit less as they drew attention away from the impact of the band. Simplicity would have been the best antidote, allowing the talent of the band to shine through.

It was obvious that some of the classics – She Moves in Her Own Way, Naive and Shine – brought back a lot of nostalgia for the crowd, as everyone got up on their feet and threw a few crazy shapes.

The crowds in the standing area were going wild for their tunes and you could tell they were enjoying every single song. Maybe this one was better suited for the hard-core fans.

See Me Right Now was performed beautifully by lead singer Kevin Cooper and it was refreshing to watch him play on the piano rather than jumping around the stage. It would be interesting to see The Kooks create more music like this, as the ballads really helped the band better connect with a wider audience.


The Kooks played at York Barbican on Wednesday 20 January 2016