Tyr at Fibbers

Týr are a heavyweight Viking band from the remote Faroe Islands, who have set sail for York this week, thanks to York Archaeologist and founder of Viking company, Asgard, Jim Glazzard. They’ll pitch camp and open doors to their audience at Fibbers tonight, Friday 19 February at 7pm.

Týr trace their roots back to 999AD, when the Faroese leader, Tróndur í Gøtu, was offered the chance to convert to Christianity or face decapitation. 999 years later, the band members came together to remember the old Gods, and named themselves after the Norse God of War and Justice, Týr.
Týr formed in 1998, and have recorded 7 studio albums, for Napalm Records, Tutl, and Metal Blade Records. The current line up include lead singer, Heri Joensen providing lead vocals and guitar, Gunnar Thomsen on bass, TerjiSkibenæs on guitar and Waltteri Väyrynen on drums.
Týr set themselves apart from most Viking metal bands. Joensen explains;
“Traditional music dating back to the Vikings, that is not preserved anywhere else in the world, not even in Iceland, is passed on in an oral tradition here [in the Faroes] and it is still alive and well. That is what we build our music on and draw great inspiration from,”
Almost every song is based upon a Faroese or Norwegian lore, preserved over a thousand years and passed from generation to generation. It is this heritage that attracted York Archaeologist, and owner of Asgard, Jim Glazzard.
Asgard was started by Jim and Cat Glazzard in 2001, as a manufacturer of hand crafted replica Viking artefacts. Jim studied archaeology at York University, before working for the Jorvik Viking Centre. They wanted to do something different during the festival, and in 2012, booked Tyr to play at Fibbers The show has run ever since, and they are delighted to bring Tyr back for their first headline show in the UK since the Fibbers show. Keep an eye on their websitefor more gigs and Viking gear.
Jim said, “I fell in love with the Viking period whilst studying them in York.  I was gripped by Viking art and its mythology, all sort of people still love the stories that the Vikings told, and they’re still being retold, from the TV series, “The Vikings” to films such as “Thor” and “How to Train Your Dragon”. And Týr are an amazing band, steeped in Viking history and who produce their own take on those ancient stories in music.”
Jim and wife Cat first invited Týr over to York in 2012 and a sell-out gig. They’ve been desperate to get them back and have finally managed it. Jim said,
“They’re a hard working band and spend most of their lives on the road all over the globe. With the city thronging with Viking enthusiasts, this is a rare opportunity to experience authentic Viking Metal, it’s always a lively gig, lots of noise and lots of energy.”
You can get tickets for the gig by visiting the venue’s website.

Tyr play at Fibbers on Friday 19 February, Doors 7pm