Chris Rawlins

As the UK’s only Memory Performer, Chris Rawlins puts on shows like none other. Ahead of his appearance at The Basement on 15 April, we caught up with him to find out more about his show and try to find out the secret of his powers.

By Jane Howkins

You’re performing a show called Recalled at The Basement in York in April. What can you tell us about this?

Essentially, It’s my show, in two parts, that is all about the human memory and the development of my own. It’s an interactive, fun and unusual exploration of what I do and how I apply certain skill sets.

You have an incredible memory, do you have an eidetic memory or do you just practice a lot?

I do practice a lot, however elements of the show could certainly be understood as eidetic. In truth, I don’t categorise how I do what I do. I just do it and let my audiences decide for themselves.

What techniques do you use to remember things, anything we can use to help us to easily remember things?

Mnemonics are something I use all the time, especially in certain elements of the show. As part of the show I actually teach everyone a unique skill they can’t forget. So come to the show and you’ll be included.

How did you decide to get into this kind of performing? Is it something you’ve always wanted to do?

I began with a connection to classical Magic when I was very small. However, it was really just before university that I realised I could use my memory in ways that nobody else could, so I developed various demonstrations that have over time become a show.

Are there any other magicians or memory performers you particularly like or would recommend people check out?

Memory Performers, no. I’m the only one working as a Memory Performer in the UK. So come and see Recalled to see why what I do is both different and amazing.

Are you interested in the psychological aspect of memory?

No, my introduction to feats of memory came from curiosity. As a result, I’ve found my own ways of doing what I do, and combined them with some very old techniques. My focus isn’t on using psychology to achieve particular responses, it’s more about doing amazing feats to the best of my ability as entertainment.

Your skills are obviously impressive and we assume you teach people how to do a few things during the show. Have you ever considered teaching a class on memory?

Yes, I teach something in the show. More importantly, the technique I teach can be transferred to anything, so people that come to the show aren’t just getting a unique skill, they are getting a life skill. Regarding memory classes, it’s something I already do. I’ve worked with various universities, colleges and schools to give seminars and talk on how students can use memory in a more productive way.

What can someone expect from one of your shows, and why do you think people should come along?

Expect to see things you have never seen before. Expect to laugh, participate, and have fun.

Any last words for the fans?

I hope to see you at the show.

Chris Rawlins performs his show Recalled at The Basement on Friday 15 April 2016.