Heather Findlay Band at Fibbers

After over three years, Heather Findlay returned to York this week for a homecoming show. Joining her were her backing band (which included members of previous bands she has been in, such as Angela Gordon from Mostly Autumn and Odin Dragonfly), and local support act Halo Blind.

By Jane Howkins

Photos by Marc McGarraghy – Yellow Mustang Photography

Sarah Dean also played but we missed her set due to timing issues. However, Sarah sang and played the harp with Heather’s band, and seemed like a very skilled performer overall.

Halo Blind played an excellent show, putting a great deal of passion into their music as they played. Their music was a well-blended mix of prog, indie and rock, with the band’s eclectic instrumentation and atmospheric vocals creating a beautiful ambience. Members of the Heather Findlay Band (as well as some of those from Mostly Autumn) were present in the audience throughout Halo Blind’s set. Heather and some of the other band members stated later how much they had enjoyed watching them – a testament to the quality of the music Halo Blind played.

After a short break, Heather arrived on stage with her backing band. Whilst there were a few technical hiccups at the beginning, these were soon solved and the music started to play. The show was split into two halves, with the first focusing on Heather’s newer material with Mantra Vega and the second half being based around Heather’s work with other bands, such as the aforementioned Mostly Autumn and Odin Dragonfly.

Particular fan favourites included a cover of Mostly Autumn’s Shrinking Violet and Magpie by Odin Dragonfly. However, Heather’s newer work was also received well. The chemistry between Heather and her band members was great, with it seeming obvious that they were all good friends, rather than just a group of people working together. After the show, Heather and the band hung around to meet the fans, making what was a great night into a perfect one.



Halo Blind and The Heather Findlay Band played at Fibbers on Thursday 14 April 2016