Top 3 // 28 Apr 2016

The three events you shouldn’t miss this week.

Operator Hour

Thomas’ Bar

Thursday 28 April, 7.00 pm

Hello Operator, a Yorkshire four-piece that combine British rock ‘n’ roll with delta blues, will be hosting and performing in a show that will feature some of the best music York has to offer. It’ll be the first in a line-up of monthly events. This month’s event will include The Mallrats, Skinner, Blind Eye and Cry Baby.

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The Bluetones

The Duchess

Thursday 28th April 7:30pm 

The Bluetones, an indie rock band who had hits such as Marblehead Johnson and Bluetonic in the late 90’s/00’s are making a revival at duchess in their Jukebox tour. After their successful sell-out shows in September 2015, the Bluetones extended their tour to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

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say owt
Say Owt Slam Presents: THE ANTI-SLAM
The Basement
Friday 29th April, 7.30pm
The next in the very popular Say Owt poetry slams is almost upon us, and this time they’re putting on an Anti-Slam. It’s pretty much like a normal slam poetry night but with one major difference – the worst poet wins! So if you fancy writing a bad poem and reading it aloud, or just want to go down and watch, this looks to be an entertaining evening!


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