Air Drawn Dagger – Ours for the Taking…

Sheffield-based four-piece Air Drawn Dagger’s EP Ours for the Taking… Theirs for the Breaking is as lively as its name suggests. Bursting with rebellion and riot, it would be the perfect soundtrack to a looting spree.

By Graeme Smith

Although only three tracks long, there is a lot going on genre-wise. Not quite traditional punk, not quite punk-pop either. There is a hint of 90s brit-pop along the lines of Garbage or Elastica, probably because of front-woman Maisie’s vocal style. Second track …Theirs for the Taking features a hair-metal style guitar solo, so all that really can be said is that Air Drawn Dagger can’t be pigeon-holed, which can only be a good thing.

Despite the range of influences, the record hangs together well. You could fling yourself around your bedroom just as well during closer The Banshee as you could during opener Ours for the Taking.

Air Drawn Dagger have got a string of UK dates at the end of August and beginning of September to promote the EP, most locally to York being in Hull’s Jazz Bar on the 28th of August. If they can rock as hard live as they do on record, it’ll certainly be worth donning your best band t-shirt and catching them on stage. With all the right ingredients, and standing on the shoulders of Sheffield’s music giants, it might be your last chance to see them before they’re big.

Ours for the Taking… Theirs for the Breaking is released on 2 September 2016