Vesper Walk – Fallen Angel

Back in 2014, local theatrical collective Vesper Walk released Fallen Angel. This EP and its associated show created something a sensation. They took the Edinburgh Fringe Festival by storm and have since followed it up with the expansive Fallen Angel: Part II.

By Graeme Smith

Fallen Angel brings together classically trained musicians with modern songwriting to create something truly unique. There is an underlying homage to a bygone age, but the tracks don’t feel out of place in the 21st century. The product is almost of a feeling of a shadowy, magical world that exists somewhere parallel to modern day York, introduced by the ghastly nursery rhyme of Auntie Sarah and built elegantly through Ghost and Monster. Man on the Moon is a nocturnal ode that breaks into a wistful waltz in the chorus. By then, you are completely immersed in the world Vesper Walk has created.

The antagonist Auntie Sarah makes her return in Made Up Story, cementing the storytelling nature of the EP. Title track Fallen Angel closes the book on part one with a showstopper.

Part II deviates from the macabre nature of part one, opening with an upbeat musical progression: The Wedding, True Love and Differently. Though these tracks are shorter and sharper, the immersive nature is not lost. True Love in particular is a song you will want to return to over and over again.

The incredible amount of thought that has gone into pulling Fallen Angel together, combined with the pure musical ability of the performers, its range of styles and the fact that there really isn’t anything remotely like it coming out of York at the moment means getting a hold of this album, and looking into everything else Vesper Walk is putting out, be it live show or short film, is a must for anyone. It will open your mind.

Fallen Angel is available via the Vesper Walk website