Musicians Against Homelessness

OASIS guru Alan McGee is teaming up with local bands in Yorkshire & Humberside as part of his new campaign against homelessness. 

The music mogul launched a new nationwide campaign called Musicians Against Homelessness earlier this year to raise funds for the homeless charity Crisis. 

The project has been supported by Happy Mondays legend Shaun Ryder, Irvine Walsh, Cast, The Buzzcocks, Black Grape, The Jesus & Mary Chain and hundreds more bands.
Bands here in the area have rallied to the cause. 

Lost Trends, Blind Eye, Jimbo Doomface, Paul Bryce and Laura Kindelan band  will play an MAH fundraising concert in York at Fibbers on 30 September 2016.
Alan McGee said: “I am delighted that bands of this calibre want to be part of this campaign. 

“The support throughout the country has been tremendous and inspiring and it’s fantastic to see so many come forward to take part. 

“Although our primary concern is to combat the scourge of homelessness it is vital that the MAH gigs also give up-and-coming bands a chance to play to larger audiences.” 

Ed Tait, Director of Fundraising for Crisis, said: “The support of Musicians Against Homelessness comes at an important time. Homelessness is devastating, leaving people vulnerable and isolated. With rough sleeping rising steeply across the UK, unfortunately our services are all the more important.” 

Gigs will take place over a three week period between 18 September and 9th October.  They mahare all endorsed by Alan McGee and will be
open to all bands and venues who’d like to get involved in their local area. 

McGee, who formed Creation Records and manages bands including Black Grape and The Jesus & Mary Chain, said: “we are trying to build a new wave of opportunities for young bands.”

McGee, who slept rough himself before discovering Oasis, went on:
“Due to the eternal gentrification of big cities we are losing music venues all over the country. Without these venues what chance will new bands, especially working class bands, ever have of gaining the oxygen of experience and learning to refine their craft? 

“Inner city redevelopment is killing the next generation of musicians, and very soon the working class artists will be written out of the narrative of rock ’n’ roll music. 

“Hopefully as well as raising a large amount for Crisis, this project will give a lot of new bands a chance to play and to exist in a place where they can all shine on.”

Musicians Against Homelessness will take place at Fibbers on Friday 30 September 2016, doors 7.30pm