7 Tracks from Yorkshire that Should Be in Your Playlist

Your time is precious and sometimes money is tight, so we understand that it’s not always possible to get out and see local bands in action. However, there is plenty of fine recorded music from artists in York and beyond available right now. We run down seven of the best tracks we’ve heard.

By Graeme Smith

Photo: Fiona Lee, courtesy of Strange Reality Music

1. Laura Kindelan – Sunshine Kid

It’s difficult to pick just one of Laura Kindelan’s tracks. The prodigious, young talent’s songwriting ability is only matched by her voice and natural performance, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the wise-beyond-her-years story of Sunshine Kid, recorded as part of +48 Record’s 24 project.

2. The Birdman Rallies – A Little of Your Glitter

Featuring on album Real River, this track is a corker. Hailing from Harrogate, the irreverent The Birdman Rallies produce indie-rock which works on the dance floor and at home. The lyrics to A Little of Your Glitter, telling of new love, will really stick with you.

3. Fiona Lee – Rome

I’ve only recently learned about Fiona, thanks to recent contact from her record label, Strange Reality Music. She’s already making a splash in and around her native Howden and with good reason. She’s got the kind of voice that will play well on national playlists and compelling lyrics to match. New single Rome is a revelation.

4. A Joker’s Rage – Bounce

Though A Joker’s Rage are a prime example of a band you really have to see live to fully appreciate, single Bounce has such a catchy riff that is can also be enjoyed at home. This face-painted five piece are on a charge at the moment, and headed for great things. Enjoy Bounce and then seek them out on stage.

5. Zak Ford – Honest Man

Speaking from personal experience, Zak Ford creates music that deeply resonates with the ordinary experience of everyday people. Honest Man, the opener to album Young, Eager and Starry-Eyed is perhaps Zak at his catchiest, but the rest of the album is certainly worth a listen too.

6. Vesper Walk – Man On The Moon

It’s perhaps unfair to single out one of Vesper Walk’s tracks, as they are best enjoyed as the collection arranged for their LP Fallen Angel. The beautiful waltz and catchy chorus of Man On The Moon sticks in the mind though.


7.  RSJ – Giant Glenn

Turn the volume down before clicking play. RSJ are a change of pace from the others in this list but none the less worthy. Giant Glenn is the title track of their new album and continues their legacy and one of York’s few acts to build a national following. They truly are one of the greatest act in the UK hardcore scene right now.