Great Cynics – Posi

London band Great Cynics have just released their fourth album Posi, and we must say, we were rather surprised that they had managed to release three previous offerings without us knowing about it.

By Jane Howkins

Great Cynics have an interesting sound that strays from the path of what a lot of other rock bands are attempting now and, while at times it doesn’t always work, it still makes for an interesting listen.

They’ve been described in the past as a punk/pop-punk band, but we would say they’re more of a pop-rock band, with a punk influence hidden away in there. There’s almost a Foo Fighters-esque vibe on Posi, and it’s this mix with the pop and punk elements that makes a difference to what could otherwise seem like a tired sound. Occasionally, things can get a bit sludgy, and there is some filler here, but for the most part Posi is darn good.

Londoners may find something especially of worth here. While the music and vocal delivery of the band may not sound particularly British, the lyrics speak of things that typical Londoners may find mirror their own lives, with vocalist and guitarist Giles Bidder singing songs about everyday life in places such as Brixton and Peckham on single Butterfly Nets, whilst London, Happiness is quite obviously a love song about the capital city itself.

Posi has been described in passing as an album about general life in London, and the struggles of being there, and that certainly seems to be true. Although, even if you’re not a Londoner, you’ll still get something special from this, and if you are a Londoner – you can’t really pass up a listen now, can you?

Posi by Great Cynics is available now.