The Flatliners – Inviting Light

Punk band The Flatliners are set to release their latest album Inviting Light on 7 April, and fans are certainly in for a treat!

By Jane Howkins

We made a comment late last year about how many good punk bands Canada seems to have produced of late, and Inviting Light only serves to provide more evidence of that, being an album that both casual and new fans should love.

We should point out that the style of punk the band play is more in line with that of The Menzingers or The Lawrence Arms, rather than the faster type made famous by bands such as Bad Religion, or the old-school style of punk championed by The Clash. The ska/reggae elements of old aren’t as obvious as they once were, and there are some signs that the band are mellowing out, but don’t write them off just yet. Inviting Light is also a little more accessible than The Flatliners’ earlier albums, but it’s good stuff nonetheless, and should satisfy most fans of this type of punk rock.

If anything, there’s more of an indie element to proceedings, which is something a lot of bands from this genre have been including in their work lately. Most of the time it sounds like a natural progression, and highlights that show this off include Unconditional Love, and Burn Out Again. For those looking for something a little higher tempo, we recommend listeners check out No Roads or Mammals, both of which up the ante from the slower songs.

In a way, Inviting Light is the sound of a band maturing, and that’s largely a good thing. There’s a thin line between the indie-punk sound they’re trying to create, and the ‘dad rock’ genre, but they manage to remain mostly on the side of the former. Here’s hoping The Flatliners can continue to grow, but that they don’t forget too much about where they came from.

Inviting Light by The Flatliners is out on 7 April 2017.