Ho99o9 – United States of Horror

Hip-hop/punk mutants Ho99o9 (we think it’s pronounced ‘horror’) have just released a new album, titled United States of Horror. When described, their music sounds like a rather odd mix, however the punk and hip-hop stylings do go together surprisingly well, showing that proponents of both genres could perhaps learn a little from each other.

By Jane Howkins

The music itself is very industrial, with electronic elements mixing with harsh guitars and discordant sounds. There’s a very cyberpunk feel to things, and you can just imagine Ho99o9’s music being used as the soundtrack for some creepy, dystopian movie set in the near future. United States of Horror is dark and it isn’t for everyone, but if you can stick through the weirdness, there is much to like here.

Interestingly enough, the vocals (provided by members eaddy and theogm – probably not their real names) actually remind us of Roger Miret’s from Agnostic Front. Both bands play very different styles of music, but there are things that remind us of Agnostic Front in Ho99o9’s music, and with a punk influence that seems so obvious, we wonder whether that was a conscious thing or whether it evolved naturally.

There are times when the tracks on United States of Horror get a little jarring, and it is quite repetitive at times, being hard to distinguish between tracks as they are that similar. With such an original style, we also worry that both hip-hop and punk fans might find themselves a little too distanced, as the music the boys make is very unique in today’s music industry.

Ho99o9 have produced an interesting album that has some very creative ideas on it – but is that enough to ensure longevity?

United States of Horror by Ho99o9 is available now.