Krafty Kuts and Dynamite MC – All 4 Corners

Brighton DJ Krafty Kuts is back with his third studio album All 4 Corners. The Brighton native has teamed up with Dynamite MC to deliver a record that’s a far cry away from the new focussed intricacy of the British rap scene. Krafty takes us back to the old days of hip-hop with polished mixing, Dynamites’s slick flow while hosting, and a genre-defying, fun collection of tracks.

By Katie Manning

He opens with Big Blau, an explosive mash-up of Jump Around and Renegade Master, a track that is full of Krafty’s signature funk sound and it’s with this that Krafty and Dynamite set the scene for a party album. This is not an album that wants to slowly build to a crescendo, as it throws you into the deep end and constantly delivers relentless backbeats. Keeping the energy going through every single track is not an easy task but Krafty has cleverly produced a track list that is a melting pot of all different genres. From the club dance track sounding Rev it Up, to the furiously spat The War is Over, to the chilled beats of Honey Bee, there is something for everyone here.

Throughout the album, you get a sense of why it is that Krafty was Breakspoll’s Best DJ three years in a row. More importantly than the skilled production, the album is genuinely fun. The tracks are high energy and enthusiastic which hypes you up to the same extent as being in the room with these dynamic artists.

Alongside Krafty and Dynamite, there are an impressive list of collaborators, including Chali 2na from Jurassic 5, Foreign Beggars, Example, and Harry Shotta, who have come together to create this diverse record.

It may be bordering on deliberate commercialism at times, but All 4 Corners is an exciting listen from a quality DJ, and it will put a smile on your face.

All 4 Corners by Krafty Kuts and Dynamite MC is available now.