Rosen Bridge – Dreamcatcher

Within this 4 track EP, the five-man Welsh group Rosen Bridge offer listeners plenty of diversity, crisp vocals, and heart pounding instrumentals. Rosen Bridge describe themselves as ‘spiritually driven metal’, whilst also remaining ‘uplifting’. This resonates in their music, as vocalist Antony Jones manages to deliver powerful, attention grabbing vocals, whilst remaining charismatic and motivating.

By Adam Shorthouse

Jones’s highly expressive vocal style pairs well with the rest of the band. Eddy Edwards and Marcus Williams offer up complex guitar riffs that merge wonderfully to create that classic metal sound. Along with the heavy bass from William Roberts and the intense metalcore style of drumming from Rowan Jack, Rosen Bridge manages to maintain a familiar metal of sound, whilst remaining uniquely positive.

The EP begins with title track Dreamcatcher. Within the first second, listeners will be swept away in the opening guitar riff and the quick-fire drumming beats. The track perfectly sums up the EP since it wastes no time getting to the good stuff. Jones’s vocals remain clean and defined, giving the chaos some much needed soul whilst both guitars work together masterfully to give the track plenty definition.

Before listeners are even given a chance to catch their breath, Hold On, the EP’s second track keeps the fire burning. Whilst lighter than the opening track, Hold On maintains true to Rosen Bridges desire to make positive metal.

Continuing to surprise, third track Never Grow starts off far more slowly and mellow than the rest of the EP. Gentle dancing chords decorate the start, until a sudden burst of energy arrives from a heavy drop. Jones’s vocal style in this track is consistently softer than the rest of the EP. Later in the track, the rest of the group begin to chant alongside Jones, making the vocals on this track bold and grand in scale.

From the softest track to the heaviest: Brand New. Raw vocals and expressive drumming are complimented by screeching guitars and deep bass making Brand New a track to which metal-heads will want to mosh out. Spanning 5 minutes, Rosen Bridge give it all they’ve got. The final minutes of the track close off the EP with heavy bass riffs and melodic drumming, giving the EP a wonderful final note.

Dreamcatcher is most certainly an EP worth listening to for any metal fan and foremost, makes Rosen Bridge a band to look out for.

Dreamcatcher by Rosen Bridge is available now.